Volunteer Spotlights

Volunteer Spotlights

Volunteer Spotlights:

Meet Sue Warman

Sue Warman and Dylan

Chance Encounters

by Sue Warman, 10+ years of service as a volunteer with Dream Catchers

Being a volunteer at Dream Catchers comes with so many moments of joy.  We all know that. It is the ones that come when you least expect it, that catch you off guard, and “Make Your Day”!

Recently while shopping at a supermarket and wearing my Dream Catchers jacket, a woman stopped by me and said “Excuse me, do you work at Dream Catchers?”  I replied that I was indeed a volunteer with the organization.  She went on to tell me about the wonderful experience her son had riding at Dream Catchers.  She said he came with a school group and it made such a difference in him.  As she continued telling me about her son, the horse he rode, and how much he looked forward to coming to the center, I remembered him and asked how he was doing?  She said he was doing well and again thanked me for remembering him.  She was so appreciative for the opportunity given to her child to experience what Dream Catchers does for its students’ and their families.

I was overwhelmed by her comments.  I know what we do as volunteers, staff and instructors here at the Center makes a big difference in the lives of our students and their families.  It is so wonderful to hear it when you are away from the Center .  It is extra special when you unexpectedly hear it from a mother in the meat section of a supermarket.