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Dream Catchers enriches the lives of children, adults, and families through equine-assisted services offering education, empowerment, healing, and hope.

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Our Testimonials

Amazing Experience

Dream Catchers has been an amazing experience for both my daughter Grace and myself. Grace has Sensory Processing Disorder and Motor Apraxia. DC noticed the need for Grace to be around her peers, so they placed her in a youth horsemanship class. Because DC recognizes her disorder, they are able to provide that special instruction to her in a typical class setting. She is learning ALL areas of horsemanship, and her bond with her horse, Lark, is incredible. I also chose to volunteer at DC to give back to others who need horses! The training clinics are thorough, interactive, and exciting! DC instructors are so knowledgeable and professional. Every volunteer session is heartwarming, and I can't wait to become even more involved!

Amber Grace’s mom

Reconnect with the Equine Lifestyle

I am an older adult who has loved horses all my life, but one who has been absent from actual riding and horse care for almost 18 years. The Adult horsemanship class has enabled me to reconnect with the equine lifestyle, that I came to realize, I missed so much. Time spent with the horses is my “Oasis of Calm”. Whether it be riding, ground work, volunteering at the barn, or just spending quiet time with the horses, grooming and interacting with them, I have improved my mental and physical health in numerous ways. I look forward to my time spent at Dream Catchers and try to maximize it as much as I can.