The Dream Catchers Legacy Society

The Dream Catchers Legacy Society

The Dream Catchers Legacy Society 

The Dream Catchers Family is very grateful to the following donors who have selected Dream Catchers to be a beneficiary in their Will or Trust: 

Sally & Mike Derrig
The John D. Walker Memorial Endowment 
Carolina Walkers, Inc. 

The Estate of Ingrid M. Jahn

The Estate of Mildred West

Tom & Susan Chamberlain, CPA

Legacy Society Members are helping us ensure that future generations of students will benefit from our life-changing programs. 

Ways to Give

  • Gifts through wills and trusts – a provision in your estate plan that designates a donation to Dream Catchers from your estate
  • Life insurance – Dream Catchers could be the beneficiary of your life insurance policy
  • Charitable Gift Annuities/Trusts – Irrevocable gifts, which can provide you with income for life and tax benefits now
  • Donor-Advised Funds (“DAF”) – a “charitable savings account” which allows donors to make charitable contributions to their DAF accounts, receive immediate income tax benefits, and later name the charity(ies) to receive the funds

Please click here for our legacy brochure

Dream Catchers Tax ID #54-1692709

Gifts of all sizes are welcome, and your commitment can be with “today’s” dollars or through “future dollars” and estate planning.

Please consult your attorney, CPA or financial planner for guidance regarding your estate planning.  This information is not intended to be financial, tax, or legal advice.