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Dream Catchers enriches the lives of children, adults, and families through equine-assisted services offering education, empowerment, healing, and hope.


SATURDAY, JULY 13, 2024 at 12:30 PM

at Colonial Downs Racetrack
10515 Colonial Downs Pkwy, New Kent, VA 23124

Venue Sponsor

Colonial Downs

Race down to New Kent, Virginia and enjoy horse races, Rosie’s gambling, and festivities at this incredible venue. There’s no dreamier destination for two ponies to pronounce their love and we are so excited to partner with them for this momentous occasion!

Wedding Registry

Through the story of two very special ponies, Lark and Tater, we at Dream Catchers hope to increase community awareness of our mission and our need for financial support. These two amazing ponies found love while working together as therapeutic riding horses in our programs. Their connection has grown stronger with each passing day since their first meeting in 2008, and it is clear they were meant to be together. After years of gazing and grazing, Tater decided to take their relationship to the next level and show Lark just how much she means to him with a grand marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day! Their wedding will be at Colonial Downs on July 13th, and we hope to make many new friends between now and then, locally and beyond. Whether they become new donors, volunteers, or participants, all are invited to share the love of Lark, Tater, and Dream Catchers, where horse power changes lives.

Did you know it costs us over $50,000 each year to buy enough high-quality hay and grain to feed Lark, Tater, and their friends?

About 36% of our annual budget comes from program service fees, and we fundraise to meet the remaining cost of operation. We are committed to keeping every lesson affordable, and we offer scholarships to families with significant financial need. However, the actual cost per lesson is nearly twice what we collect and includes facility costs, maintenance, and the care of our horses.

With the help and dedication of over 200 volunteers, Lark, Tater, and their 16 herd mates get to work with over 800 individuals from Richmond to Norfolk across our various programs!

Fun fact: horses’ bodies change just like humans’ bodies do, so we make sure to have a saddle fitter visit regularly to check that each horse’s saddle and girth are fitting appropriately and that different gear is assigned as needed.

We are incredibly fortunate to have a number of fabulous horse sponsors, whether individuals, families, or businesses. While horse sponsorships defray some of our basic herd care expenses, Lark and Tater want to educate their fans about all of the horse care costs that they and the rest of the herd need to cover in the coming year. Lark and Tater have asked that we post the “registry” below and ask that their friends, new and old, and fans contribute whatever they can toward these costs, as well as the costs of our programs and other needs. Please make a donation in celebration of Lark and Tater’s commitment!

Keep Up with the Canter

Don’t miss a moment of Lark & Tater’s journey or the breakthroughs at Dream Catchers. Follow our social media for the latest tales of triumph and how you can be part of this remarkable adventure.