This fun and easy program offers an unlimited range of monthly donation choices!

Each month our instructors will take turns sharing their best advice for expert horsemanship. DC Club Members receive these articles in special monthly e-newsletters that also include discounts for our logo merchandise, custom DC Club merchandise and unique horse training tips or equestrian fun facts! 

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It is easy to join the DC Club: 

1. You agree to donate at least $10 each month to Dream Catchers through a.) an automatic debit card from a checking or savings account b.) an automatic charge from a credit card or c.) by check. 

Click HERE for a DC Club sign up sheet. You can email your sign up sheet to Terry Jacoby, Development Director, at tjacoby@dreamcatchers.org 

If you would like more information about DC Club, contact Terry Jacoby, Development Director at 757 – 566 – 1775.