Camps at Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers offers camps that can be purchased through an organization or business.  These camps are customized to meet the needs of the organization/business based on the learning objectives and criteria provided to us.  Our camps are taught by our qualified team of PATH Intl. Instructors putting safety and best practices at the forefront of every camp.

Community Partners: 

Kidz’ N Grief

Kidz’ N Grief offers grief education and support to children and teens as they cope with the multitude of changes and emotions they experience after the death of a family member or close friend.  Dream Catchers and Kidz’ N Grief continue to partner to hold specialized camps that encourages children and teens to ask questions and talk about the person who has died through a range of innovative equine-based activities.  Campers build a relationship with their horse and learning healthy coping strategies to help them adjust to the physical loss of their loved one.  Dream Catchers creates a safe environment with each activity that promotes acceptance and healing.   

Testimonial (Beth Pile, Executive Director):  The camps were wonderful for our kids. They all expressed how much they loved it, especially relating to their horses. Parents were equally appreciative and expressed amazement at what the kids could do in such a short time--4days. 

This Monday at our first Kidz’ N Grief meeting of this year, Josh came to me to thank me for his camp experience. He is a very quiet, pretty withdrawn 15 year old who in all his 4 years at Kidz says very little. He tried Miley’s Camp but had to go home both years due to extreme homesickness, but this camp touched him!  He looks different now. More confident and outspoken. He loved the vaulting, which gave him a sense of mastery and power that he so lacked.  

I know all of the campers enjoyed this special experience. The evaluations at the end told me that. But to hear and see the changes in Josh make it well worth it all. These are changes that will affect his life forever!

Office of Youth and Young Adult Opportunities (Hampton, VA)

Dream Catchers collaborated with the Office of Youth and Young Adult Opportunities (OYYAO) in Hampton, VA.  OYYAO focuses on engaging young people to provide positive activities (sports, mentoring, expression, training, summer employment, etc) in order to the change individual lives and the community.  Young people, particularly black males, are disproportionally affected by violence, whether they are the victim, the perpetrator, or the witness.

Youth violence is violence involving young people, typically children, adolescents, and young adults, between the ages of 10 and 24. The young person can be the victim, the perpetrator, or a witness.  Youth violence includes various behaviors, ranging from violent acts such as bullying, fist fighting and threats made with weapons or gang-related, to verbal and emotional abuse. 

The campers who participated in this camp were identified as youth at-risk and presented with trauma backgrounds, defiant behavior, difficulty expressing emotions in a healthy manner, and other critical factors.  The camp focused on Equine Assisted Activities that provided the campers the opportunity to learn horsemanship skills, riding skills, ground activities and develop a special bond with their equine partner.  The campers got the opportunity to meet the horses, learn about equine psychology and communication, and how the horse could relate to them as a human being.  Horses are sentient animals and mirror human emotions, which make them the perfect partner to assist individuals who are considered at risk.

These skills were used as teaching strategies to facilitate healthy coping skills, increase self-esteem and awareness, develop healthy communication methods, and create a safe environment where the campers could participate in activities that were challenging and educational.